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Start Your Tea Cafe; Introducing the Concept of Community Franchising

Updated: May 1, 2023

1. There are two possibilities to start a Tea Cafe

1. Taking other brands of Tea Franchise

2. Running your own Tea Cafe

Both will have their own Pros & Cons-

By taking other brand's franchises, your growth gets stuck and your business is restricted to your outlet only.

While running your Tea Outlet has a great chance of expansion but it will take time and expertise.

2. Introducing: The Concept of Community Franchising

It's a new-era concept initiated by Brands Neo Inc., In this business model, every franchise outlet has the potential of growing as a parent company.

One franchise is connected to another franchise through a QR Code enabled at the outlet in such a way that they keep on growing just like a parent company.

In this concept, every parent franchise gets monetary benefits from its child franchisees as well.

3. What will you get from us?

1. Generate multiple sources of revenue. We have 11 different sources of revenue for a tea outlet.

2. A new generation concept of community franchising that works for every tea outlet.

3. Technology to develop a franchise network under all the tea outlets.

4. A unique and uniform theme with a similar 'Brand Name' for all the tea outlets.

5. Get 150+ types of world-class Tea Products for your outlet

4. How we help a tea outlet to grow more; Taking your tea cafe to the next level

We help you in such a way that you can open your tea outlet in the theme suggested by us keeping uniformity and uniqueness in mind.

We will take care of your future growth. Our technology helps you to connect or tag the upcoming outlets under your outlet and create a franchise network which works for everyone.

5. Roles & Responsibilities

A Tea Cafe Role; day-to-day Cafe Operations- Your role is to open your tea outlet in your city and focus on the growth of the business of your tea outlet.

Brands Neo Role; Expansion of the Cafe Franchise- We will develop a franchise network which works for everyone.

Your outlet will connect with multiple outlets in order to make more revenue other than your outlet business.

6. Resources deployed for your success

Brands Neo Inc. will deploy highly skilled resources in order to support the franchisees to the next level.

All the resources will have prior experience working with 5 Stars Hotels & Resorts like Marriott, Hilton, Taj etc because of this, there will be excellence in service.

6.1 Franchise Success Manager

To help our franchise partners successfully grow their businesses by building strong professional partnerships to help them adopt and implement the BNI (Brands Neo Inc.) system.

6.2 Foods & Beverages Manager

To manage all the functions of kitchens, service areas, purchases, stores, and stewarding, and the chefs, managers, and supervisors of these departments report to them.

6.3 Franchise Operation Manager

Franchise operations managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations to ensure that each franchise is running smoothly and meeting all relevant standards.

6.4 Franchise Development Manager

Franchise development managers are responsible for managing the growth of a franchise help them to recruit new franchisees.

7. An outlet can also earn franchise fees & monthly royalty

We will share the franchise fee and monthly royalty received from the multiple outlets that are connected with you.

8. How It Works

There are three stages of our franchise partnership- City, State and Country.

In the beginning, your outlet is considered a City Franchise and the moment another City Franchise is tagged under you, your outlet automatically gets upgraded into a State franchise.

In the next step, your outlet gets upgraded into a Country franchise when a new City franchise is tagged under your previous City franchise.

9. Your journey from City-to-State-to-Country Franchise

1. Mr X starts his journey as a City Franchise in the first place.

2. Mr Y connects with Mr X through a QR Code and opens a new City Franchise.

3. Here the City Franchise of Mr X gets upgraded into State Franchise

4. A new City Franchise of Mr Z opens through a QR Code of Mr Y

5. The City franchise of Mr Y gets upgraded into a State franchise.

6. At the end the State franchise of Mr X gets updated into a Country Franchise.

10. Source of Revenue for a Tea Cafe

If you run your own outlet or take someone else`s franchise, you will have only two sources of revenue at the max. Whereas if you join hands with us, 11 different types of revenue will be generated-

Business from your own outlet

Franchise fee from your State Partners

Franchise fee from your City Partners

Monthly Royalty from your State Partners

Monthly Royalty from your City Partners

Offline product sales from own outlet

Offline product sales from State Partners outlet sales

Offline product sales from City Partners outlet sales

Online product sales from own outlet code

Online product sales from State Partners outlet code

Offline product sales from City Partners outlet code

11. To know more book an Online Appointment with us

Click below to book an online appointment with the Campaign Manager to discuss the campaign in detail

Note- Brands Neo Inc. is running a campaign which empowers tea cafes by introducing community franchising for every tea outlet in collaboration.


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