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Brands Neo is an online campaign which empowers retailers and helps them to grow their business to the next level and the best part is that the retail stores do not need to pay anything for this campaign.

This sponsored campaign is basically a barter collaboration between the retailers and the sponsor. However, the campaign is designed in such a way it favours the retailers more.

It works both in B2C and B2B models.

B2C Model- We engage consumers with the store offerings and drive action on their deals. Promote your business, create your deals and engage consumers on the Brands Neo campaign. We post and promote your offerings among the targeted audience. We engage consumers to take action on your deals or offers

B2B model- we briefly describe your business profile, create your business story & brand positioning and promote your business story among competent entrepreneurs in order to create opportunities for them to open your outlet in their preferred location.

Kindly go through the below tab to get more details.


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